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Theme 1: Global Change

Inter-Research Symposium #2 - Effects of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems
Authors Title
Basilone , G.1,B. Patti1,R. Ferreri2,A. Bonanno1,L. Caruana1,A. Cuttitta1,C. Patti1 &S. Mazzola1
Implications of climate change on spawning strategies of European anchovy in the Strait Sicily
Begum, S.1, L. Basova2, O. Heilmayer1, D. Abele1, E. Philipp1, A. Sukhotin3 & T. Brey1
Towards the calibration of an environmental bio-recorder
Bremer, K.1,F. Melzner1,M. Lucassen1 &H. Pörtnerq1
Thermal acclimation of aerobic scope in a southern North Sea cod population
Cannizzaro, L.1,M. G. De Stefano1,L. Ferraro2,S. Vitale1,A. Milazzo 1 &G. Salvo1
Strange catch of Melicerctus kerathurus (Forskal, 1775) in the Selinuntes shallow costal waters
Deigweiher, K.1,H. Poertner1 &M. Lucassen1
Adaptation of ion regulatory capacities in fish gills under hypercapnic acidosis
Dekere, Z.1,N. Petrovics1,U. Botva1 &E. Boikova1
Diversity of macrophytobenthos in the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea, Latvia
Dulčić, J.1,B. Grbec1 &G. Beg-Paklar1
The effect of hemispheric climatic oscillations on the Adriatic ichthyofauna
Enghoff, I. B.1 & B. R. MacKenzie2
The Danish fish fauna during the warm Atlantic period (ca. 7,000-3,900 BC): forerunner of future changes?
Fijalkowska, M.1 &W. Surosz1
Response of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa to ultraviolet (UV-B) irradiation
Findlay, H. S.1,M. A. Kendall1,S. Widdicombe1,J. I. Spicer2 &C. Turley1
Synergistic impacts of elevated CO2 (lowered pH) and temperature on larvae of major rocky shore space occupiers
Form, A.1 &U. Riebesell1
Cold-water corals Precious ecosystems at high risk
Fricke, A.1,M. Molis2,C. Wiencke1,N. Valdivia2 &A. Chapman3
Gbel, J.1 &D. Lu2
Phytoplankton species diversity in the coastal waters of the North Sea as possible response to climate change.
Goebel , S.1,M. Lucassen1,M. Gutowska1,H. Prtner1 &F. Melzner1
Effects of long term, sub lethal hypercapnia on swimming performance and key enzyme capacities in the teleost Gadus morhua
Gordon, J.1, I. Priede2, D. Bailey3, A. Zuur2 & M. Collins4
Biodiversity and Abundance of deep demersal fishes of the Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic Ocean. 1978 to 2002, evidence of depletion by a fishery down to 2500m depth.
Gutowska, M. A.1,J. Pungor1,F. J. Sartoris1,H. Prtner1 &F. Melzner1
Embryonic and hatchling development in Sepia officinalis under moderate hypercapnia.
Guzera, E. M.1 &M. I. Zmijewska1
The space and seasonal variabilty of small Calanoida from Pseudocalanidae family in the Admiralty Bay (King George Island).
Hiebenthal, C.1,M. Wahl1 &A. Eisenhauer2
Ca Isotope Fractionation (δ44/40Ca) in Bivalve Shells as a Proxy for past Climate Changes
Kedra, M.1 & M. Wlodarska Kowalczuk1
Environmentally controlled distribution of sipunculan fauna in arctic glacial fiords
Khaitov, V.1 &A. Gornykh2
Do local or global factors control long-term changes in mussel bed communities?
Krug, S. A.1,K. G. Schulz1 &U. Riebesell1
Impact of CO2-induced seawater acidification on the calcification of the coccolithophore Coccolithus pelagicus
Leichner, C.1 &D. Haydon2
The influence of environmental variability on a crustacean fishery in Nova Scotia, Canada
Massamba N'Siala, G.1,F. Graziosi1,R. Simonini1,V. Grandi1 &D. Prevedelli1
Phenotypic adaptation of the model polychaete Ophryotrocha labronica to different climatic conditions
Matic-Skoko, S.1 &J. Dulcic1
The northward movement of termophilic fish species in the Adriatic Sea
Md. Khurshid Alam Bhuiyan, M.1 &M. Dr. Mohammad Zafar2
Radioisotopes Concentration in Offshore Sediment and Water of the Bay of Bengal
Mller, M. N.1 &U. Riebesell1
Coccolithophorid adaptation to rising atmospheric CO2: a running long-term experiment
Nasrolahi, A. 1.1,F. Farahani1 &H. Korehi1
Effect of sea level changes on coast of Persian Gulf from biological perspective
Pescheck, F.1, W. Bilger1 & K. Bischof2
Screening of UV-A and UV-B radiation in marine green macroalgae
R. Krapp 1 & Werner, I.1
Impact of UV radiation on Arctic under-ice amphipods
Reckermann, M.1,H. Isemer1,J. Langner2,A. Omstedt3 &T. Vihma4
BALTEX: An interdisciplinary environmental research network for the Baltic Sea basin
Riedel, B.1,A. Haselmair1,M. Stachowitsch1 &M. Zuschin2
Dead zones: a future coastal scenario for climate change
Sánchez, N.1 & M. Signoret1
The influence of solar activity over the environmental variability and the capture of Rhizoprinodon dogfish in the Gulf of mexico
Sar, G.1 &A. Zenone1
Correlation between jellyfish stings and temperature data in Mediterranean: evidence from a historical dataset from 1980 to 2006
Schwarz, J. N.1, Bauerfeind, E.1 &E. M. Nthig1
Monitoring of chlorophyll from satellite and in-situ measurements since the nineties in the Fram Strait and Greenland Sea (Arctic Ocean)
Sundelin, B.1,E. Ghorokova2,T. Jacobson1,M. Lof1,M. Lindstrom3,H. Halldorsson4,T. Elfwing2,K. Lilja5 &E. Sandberg3
Anthropogenic/hypoxia stress-a battery of biomarkers and bioindicators for marine environmental testing
Taubner, I.1 &C. Schwiening2
Ocean acidification affects calcification in reef-building corals
Temnykh, A.1,Y. Tokarev1,V. Melnikov1,V. Belokopytov1,N. Burmistrova1 &O. Mashukova1
Some aspects of climatic variability on the formation of zooplankton accumulations in the Black Sea
Tokarev, Y. N.1,V. V. Melnikov1,V. N. Belokopytov2 &N. V. Burmistrova1
The Influence of Climate on the Long-Period Changeability of the Black Sea Bioluminescence Field and the Pelagial Background Characteristics
Vinagre, C.1,M. J. Costa1 &H. Cabral1
Impact of climate and hydrodynamics changes in sole larval immigration towards the Tagus estuary (Portugal)
Weihe, E.1,M. Lucassen 1 &D. Abele1
Hypoxic and desiccation stress response in intertidal and subtidal Antarctic limpets
Wei, M.1,T. Brey1,K. Anger1,M. Keller1,S. Thatje5 &O. Heilmayer1
Environmental and maternal effects on the early life stages of the edible crab Cancer pagurus
Wilken, S.1,I. Peeken1,L. Hoffmann1,K. Lochte1,N. Hersch2,W. Rubner2 &R. Merkel2
Impact of iron availability on diatom valve structure and stability
Wittmann, A. C.1,F. Sartoris1 &H. Pörtner1
Life in cold oceans: activity dependent on extracellular ion regulationς
Zenone, A.1 &G. Sar1
Environmental dryness and food availability covariate and determine the bivalve distribution in the Mediterranean Sea: a Tyrrhenian case study

Invasion ecology
Authors Title
Ćimek, H.1, D. Petricioli1, M. Radolovič2, T. Bakran-Petricioli2 & C. Battelli3
First record of the invasive turf-forming red algae Womersleyella setacea (Hollenberg) R.E. Norris in the Middle Adriatic
Brennholt, N.1 &S. Jaklin2
Green sands: a new phenomenon in the Wadden Sea caused by the microbenthic algae Euglena viridis var. maritima
Clark, G. F.1 &E. J. Johnston1
Temporal scale: the missing agent in the invasion paradox
Corrias, S.1,D. Cuccu1,M. Mereu1 &P. Addis1
Findings of the green algae Penicillus capitatus Lamarck, in South Sardinia (Western Mediterranean)
Eriksson Wiklund, A.1 &S. Vilhelmssson1
competition and contaminants - is the invasive species marenzelleria spp a threat to the native species monoporeia affinis in the Balticς
Gröndahl, F.4
The removal of surface blooms of the Cyanobacteria Nodularia spumigena
Grokopf, T.1 &J. Javidpour1
Effect of temperature on respiration rates of Mnemiopsis leidyi
Kruse, I.1,M. P. Hare2 &A. H. Hines3
Genetic proof for the source of an introduction: the parasitic barnacle Loxothylacus panopaei came from the Gulf of Mexico
Litvinchuk, L. F.1
Invading species in the Gulf of Finland and in the Baltic Proper (2004-2006): distribution and effects on zooplankton community
Maximov, A.5
Long-term variations in macrozoobenthos of the eastern Gulf of Finland in relation to eutrophication, hydrographic changes and biological invasions
Megalofonou, P.1 &A. Spanou1
On the occurrence of the lessepsian emigrant Lagocephalus Suezensis in the Aegean Sea (Greece)
Megalofonou, P.1 &G. Bardamaskos 1
New records of the sharpnose seven-gill shark, Heptranchias perlo, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (Aegean Sea, Greece)
Mielke, E.1 &J. Javidpour1
Mnemiopsis leidyi and its possible foodweb effects in the Schlei estuary
Nehls, G.1
Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) spreading on tidal flats of the Wadden Sea
Sarpe, D.1 &J. Javidpour1
Reproduction efficiency of Mnemiopsis leidyi in its new exotic habitat, the South-west Baltic Sea
Sousa , R.1,C. Antunes1 &L. Guilhermino1
Spatial and temporal distribution of the invasive Asian clam Corbicula fluminea (Mller, 1774) in the Lima estuary, Portugal
Thomsen, M. S.1,P. A. Stæhr2,C. Nyberg3,S. Schwærter4,D. Krause-Jensen5 &B. R. Silliman1
Invasion by Gracilaria vermiculophylla in Scandinavia -what to expect in the future
Thomsen, M. S.1,T. Wernberg1,P. A. Sthr2,D. Krause-Jensen3,A. B. Josefson3,N. Risgaard-Petersen3 &B. R. Silliman4
Benthic Marine Non-Indigenous Species in Denmark -are they increasing in abundance?
Wallentinus, I.1
Macroalgae climb the progressive steps of invasion differently
Wernberg, T.1,M. Thomsen1 &F. Tuya1
The effects of ocean climate, physical disturbance and nutrient enrichment on the ecological performance of Caulerpa spp. from Western Australia
Weseloh, A.1, Link, H.2,T. Yamakita3,M. Z. Radzi4,M. Nakaoka3,L. Hock-Chark4,M. Lenz5 &M. Wahl5
Community age and functional identity determine the stability of fouling communities in two regions of the Western Pacific
Yun, H.1 &M. Molis1
Comparison of defensive responses by an indigenous and an introduced red alga from intertidal Helgoland shores

Ecosystem consequences of biodiversity change
Authors Title
Andrew, G. M.1,M. T. Burrows1,S. J. Hawkins2 &R. A. McGill3
The influence of biodiversity on resource partitioning in intertidal gastropods
Aranda da Silva*, A.1,A. Aranda da Silva*2 &A. J. Gooday3
Giant protozoan (Xenophyophores) from the Nazarι Canyon
Canning-Clode, J.1M. Wahl1
Regional vs. local diversity during the succession process in hard-bottom communities
Cesar, C. P.1 &C. L. Frid1
The impact of commercial cockle (Cerastoderma edule) harvesting on ecosystem function
Deegen, P.1,H. Hillebrand2 &U. Sommer3
Different nutrient conditions affect community structure of benthic diatoms
Domingues, R. B.1 &H. M. Galvo1
Seasonal and interannual variability of phytoplankton and nutrients in the Guadiana estuary: before and after dam construction
Gehling, C.1,U. Selig1,R. Marquardt1 &H. Schubert1
Fucus vesiculosus in the Mecklenburg Bight - physiological potential for settlement
Haseli, M.1 &M. Malek1
Biodiversity of Tetraphyllidean cestodes of the shark, Carcharhinus dussumieri from the Persian Gulf, Iran
Hernandez Guevara, N. A.1, D. Pech1 & P. L. Ardisson1
Trends in spatial benthic species diversity variability in the southern Gulf of Mexico: a threatened sea ecosystem
Jones, D.1, Frid, C.1
The Role of Species Identities in Marine Benthic Ecological Functioning
Lenz, M.1 &M. Wahl1
Testing concepts in ecology: the international research programme GAME allows the global replication of experiments in marine coastal ecosystems.
Moy, F. E.1 &H. Christie2
Sugar kelp status in Skagerrak
Parvin Sadeghi1,Ahmad Savari1,Nasrin Moazami2,Vahid Yavari1 &Mehran Loghmani1
First Report Of Sponges In Iranian Costal Of Persian Gulf
Pilkaityt, R.1,R. Pakauskas1 &I. Tnno2
Nitrogenase activity in the shallow eutrophic lagoon: two year case study
Reiss, H.1,K. Sieben2 &I. Krncke2
Effects of trawling on benthic diversity and community structure: a micro-scale comparison
Stumm, K.1,G. -. Luna2 &R. Danovaro3
Estimating Archaeal Biodiversity in the deep: a comparison of different T-RFLP protocols
Svensson, J. R.1,M. Lindegarth1,M. Siccha2,M. Lenz3,M. Molis4,M. Wahl3 &H. Pavia1
Maximum species richness at intermediate frequencies of disturbance: consistency among levels of productivity
Valanko, S.1 &A. Norkko 1
Scale-dependent disturbance and recovery of soft-sediment communities - the role of benthic invertebrate mobility
Valdivia, N.1 &M. Molis1
Functional biodiversity and ecosystem performance: separating the effects of species richness, community composition, and density

Theme 2: Complex Interactions

Trophic interactions
Authors Title
Boeckh, K.1,B. Burkhard2,S. Garthe3,D. Lorenzen4 &W. Windhorst5
Using Birds and Marine Mammals as Indicators to Access the Impacts of Offshore Wind Parks in Germany- A Spatio-Temporal Scenario Approach
Bauerfeind, E.1 &M. Voss2
δ15 N content in sedimenting particles in the seasonally ice-covered Greenland Sea
Bergmann, M.1, Dannheim, J.1 &M. Klages1
Trophic relationships between demersal fish and benthic fauna at HAUSGARTEN` (79N west off Svalbard)
Brandt, P.1,G. Gerdts1,A. Wichels1,K. H. Wiltshire1 &M. Boersma1
The bacterial community of marine copepods
Burukovsky, R. N.1,V. O. Mokievsky2,E. Y. Solyanko1,V. A. Spiridonov2 &M. Tuerkay3
Reddish sand shrimp Crangon allmanni: predatory habit in high energy environment
Fitter, A.1 &H. Hillebrand1
The role of the microbial loop in benthic communities - combinig food web theory and ecological stoichiometry
Gebühr, C.1,J. Beusekom, van2,N. Aberle-Malzahn1 &K. H. Wiltshire1
Paralia sulcata: new insights into an ancient diatoms life cycle and its ecological role
Guilini, K.1,I. Schewe2,T. Soltwedel 2,N. Lochthofen2 &A. Vanreusel1
The response of arctic marine nematode communities to simulated food falls.
Hantzsche, F. M.1,F. Schroeder1 &M. Boersma1
The role of ciliates in the marine pelagic- ciliates as top predators within the microbial loop and as important link to secondary producers
Jckel, G.1, M. Gutowska1, F. Mark2, C. P. Ellington2 & H. O. Prtner1
Analysis of diurnal activity patterns and related changes in metabolism in the cephalopod Sepia officinalis.
Jormalainen, V.1,O. Vesakoski2,T. Honkanen3 &R. Koivikko4
Selective mosaic and ecological divergence in host use ability of a marine generalist herbivore
Knefelkamp, B.1,G. O. Kirst2,R. Amann3,J. Throndsen4,G. Gerdts1,W. Eikrem4,D. Vaulot5 &K. H. Wiltshire1
Picophytoplankton off Helgoland
Krmer, P.1, J. Dannheim1 & A. Schrder1
"Eat what's on your plate!": Feeding of fishes in different habitats
Löder, M.1, A. C. Kraberg1, N. Aberle-Malzahn1, C. Klaas2 & K. H. Wiltshire1
Micro- versus mesozooplankton grazing: the contribution of ciliates, dinoflagellates and copepods in controlling phytoplankton biomass
Lesutiene, J.1,Z. R. Gasiunaite1 &A. Razinkovas1
Mysid Paramysis lacustris in the food web of Curonian lagoon (SE Baltic Sea)
Martynova, D.1,J. Michels1, R. Alheit1& U. Bathmann1
Feeding and respiration patterns of major copepod species in the Lazarev Sea (Antarctica) during winter
Nazarova , S.1,E. Genelt-Yanovsky2,K. Volkov3 &A. Poloskin2
Invertebrate scavengers feeding on dead mussels (Mytilus edulis L.) in subtidal communities of the Kandalaksha bay (the White Sea)
Petricioli, D.1 &T. Bakran-Petricioli2
Uncommon behaviour of some benthic animals below tuna farms in the Adriatic a response to organic enrichment
Pllume, A.1
Factors affecting mesozooplankton long-term changes in Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)
Prato, E.1,M. I. Acquaviva1,F. Biandolino1,M. Narracci1 &R. A. Cavallo1
A multitrophic battery of tests for marine environment toxicity assessment
Relini, G.1,E. Beccornia1 &G. Palandri1
Fin Fish of Artificial Reefs in the Gulf of Genoa (North Western Mediterranean Sea)
Rodrigues, C. F.1,G. Webster2,L. Santos1,A. J. Weightman2 &M. R. Cunha1
Phylogenetic characterization of chemoautotrophic symbiont bacteria in bivalve species from mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz (southern Iberian margin)
Schoo, K.1,N. Aberle1,A. M. Malzahn1 &M. Boersma1
The effect of nutrient limitation on primary producers and the propagation of these limitation signals onto higher trophic levels
Stumm, K.1,U. G. Berninger3 &Y. Lei4
The structure of benthic microbial communities of shallow soft sediment habitats
Tamberg, Y. Y.1,N. N. Shunatova1 &E. L. Yakovis1
Size of consumed diatom algae indicates feeding segregation in symbiotic suspension-feeders: preliminary results
Zloch, I.1 &M. R. Sapota2
The changes of prey items in the diet of juvenile flounder from the Gulf of Gdaρsk during last 50 years

Chemical interactions
Authors Title
Chikadze, S.1
Lectin-carbohydrate interactions in settlement of hydroid planulae Dynamena pumila and Gonothyraea loveni
Dobretsov, S.1
Are larvae of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis redistributing after settlementς
Mahasweta Saha, M. S.1
Mode of defence against epibiosis in macroalgae
Radwan, S. S.1, H. M. Mahmoud1, R. H. Al-Hasan1 & M. Eliyas1
Hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria associated with fish from the Arabian Gulf
Railkin, A.1 &A. Bessidovski1
Chemical communications between benthic communities
Rickert, E.1,W. Bilger2 &F. Weinberger1
Oligoalginate-induced innate immunity in Saccharina latissima from the Baltic Sea
Scherer, C.1,K. Wiltshire1 &U. Bickmeyer1
Inhibition of multidrug resistance transporters in the diatom Thalassiosira rotula facilitates dye staining
Timpanaro, A.1 &G. Sarà1
Using limpets (Patella coerulea) in monitoring PAHs levels along Sicilian coasts
memar, b.1 & s. jamili1
The examination of effect of injection and thyroxine bath on yolk sack absorption and length and width growth of larve of Oncorhynchus mykiss

Interaction webs
Authors Title
Bracciali, C.1, G. Guzzo1, E. Gemelli1 & G. Sarà1
Effect of dispersion of food source on behaviour of damselfish (Chromis chromis)
Gornykh, A.1 &V. Khaitov2
Interactions between Mytilus edulis and intertidal soft-bottom macrobenthos in the White Sea
Haselmair, A.1, B. Riedel1, M. Zuschin2 & M. Stachowitsch1
Oxygen crises and disrupted benthic macrofauna interactions: crustaceans as a case study
Inmaculada , R. G.1,P. G. Maria1,M. G. Remedios1,H. G. Zurie1,G. R. Julio1,A. Andrej1,P. T. Miguel1 &F. P. Jose2
Phytoplankton Population Changes Along the Saline Gradient of Albufera Plume
Inmaculada, R. G.1,P. G. Maria1,G. S. Germa1,M. G. Remedios1,G. R. Julio1,S. P. Joan Pau2,S. Agustin2 &R. A. Miguel1
Near Field phytoplankton effects in Valencia fish cages
Jansen, S.1,J. Henjes1,L. Friedrichs1,S. Krgefsky1 &U. Bathmann1
Fate of copepod faecal pellets during an iron induced phytoplankton bloom (EIFEX) in the Southern Ocean
Lindqvist, M.1,O. Vesakoski1,F. Haavisto1,C. Primmer1 &V. Jormalainen1
Lost in a selective mosaic? Effects of population genetic structure and gene flow on marine host-herbivore interactions in the Baltic Sea
Norling, P.1,T. Malm2
Mytilus and red-algae interactions with implication for diversity of associated macrofauna in the Baltic Sea
Sampour, M.1
The study of male reproductive ducts of Haploporus lateralis (Digenea:Trematoda)
Volkenborn, N.1 &K. Reise1
Complexity of ecosystem engineering in the marine benthos
Wngberg, S. .1,K. I. Andreasson1,K. Gustavson2 &P. Henriksen3
Effects of UV-B radiation on interactions within the microbial community in an arctic bay.

Open Session: Topics outside the main themes

Authors Title
abbasi, f.1, s. Jamili 2, S. Ghafori 3 & P. Sanaei 4
The changes in plasma cortisol levels and body composition in Stizostedion lucioperca exposed to handling stress
Ahmadi, M. R.1
The Natural Environment of the Shadegan Wetland in the Persian Gulf
Ahmadi, M. R.1
Biological Aspects of Sea Turtles in Hormoz and Henqam island in the Persian Gulf
Atalah, J.1 &T. Crowe1
Pollution as a driver of biodiversity change: impacts, indicators and long term monitoring
Jamili, S.1 &F. Farahani2
histological survey of effect of thyroxine on growth and development of larvae and egg of Oncorhychus mykiss
Jamili, S.1 &S. Behzadi1
Histological examination of sublethal concentrations effects of diazinon ovary of Chalcalburnus chalcoides
Kadkhodai, A.1,S. Jamili2 &A. Mirvaghefi3
Research of comparison the effects of two surface research of comparison the effects of two surface disinfectant, formalin and hydrogen peroxide, on fin rot disease in carp
Lessmann, B.1,M. Bergmann2 &T. W. Nattkemper1
Use of automated image analysis to detect changes in megafaunal densities at HAUSGARTEN (79N west off Svalbard) between 2002 and 2004
Ortego-Salas, A. A.1 &L. A. Rendòn1
Culture of the white shrimp in freshwaters tanks
Sheibani, R.1 &A. Sari1
Preliminary study on caridean shrimp (Crustacean: Decapoda)

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